The last blog entry was some time ago, things have been hectic, and very little progress made on the layout.Paid employment really does get in the way of the more important things in life!

New locomotives and rolling stock have been acquired, so I thought it was time to start documenting what actually runs on the Rede Valley. The Locomotive roster appears here and includes the most recent additions. These comprise a series of whitemetal kits of ex NER engines bought on eBay. I dont have time to build stuff like this, and there are some advantages of buying the finished engines. Recently classes D21, B16/2, J21 and J27 have arrived. None of these are inservice yet as they do need work to get them running reliably before fitting DCC decoders. I had the D21 running very nicely on the Bassetlaw club test track last week, but the others refuse to perform well. I’ll post progress here shortly.

The B16, J21 and J27 are all Nu-Cast products, but I’m yet to identify the manufacturer of the D21, any info gratefully accepted.