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Rede Valley Locomotives

The Rede Valley locomotives form a diverse collection, not quite representing one place or time. One of the concepts behind the Rede Valley is that it should be able to represent more than one period. Different dioramas within the layout are set in different time periods and therefore the traffic over the layout must be able to reflect these. The locations represented are a blend of East Coast Main Line and the Waverley Route. A little bit of modellers licence has the main line taking a more direct route from Edinburgh to Newcastle over some difficult terrain. The Rede Valley locomotives...

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ECML Operations

The winter 1950 working timetable for services between Alnmouth and Berwick upon Tweed which includes Chathill is shown below: Downloadable PDF The summer 1955 working timetable showing all movements in and out of Newcastle Central Station in summer 1955 is shown below Downloadable PDF Share...

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Chathill Station

The fictitious Otterburn station on the Rede Valley is based on Chathill station on the Newcastle & Berwick section of the East Coast Main Line. Chathill station is one of only a very few stations that remain open on the main line in Northumberland. More information on the line is available here The gothic architecture of Benjamin Green makes all the stations on the N&B very impressive, and despite originally having over 20 stations, no two station buildings were the same. Chathill today is a sad shadow of its former self. Originally it was a junction station for the...

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A New Year resolution – back to layout building and blogging

The last blog post was in February 2015 and the last one to do with any progress on the layout is over a year old. 2014 was really a year of no modelling whatsoever. Stevenson Road is still sitting with electrics and track complete but very little else, and the Rede Valley line didn’t run a train for over 12 months. Such was the state of the Rede Valley Layout that when I tried to switch things on during the Christmas holidays nothing worked. This was simply due to an accumulation of dirt on wheels and track. A whole day was spent just to get something moving unreliably. 2015 is going to be a different state of affairs: Firstly the blog is getting a makeover and I’m going to start posting regularly. I’ve never been happy about the quality of some of the photos on the blog so at the end of last year I took a blog photography course. This gave me lots of new tools and techniques to get better results from both my DSLR and my iPhone! The course is running again, starting Monday 19 January and I’d highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their photography. The 28 day blog photo bootcamp is run by Emma Davies, and for me the selling point is its English and not American and produced to a very...

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